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Clinic Name & Address


Coventry Osteopath & Sports Injury  Clinic

312A Charter Avenue

Coventry,   CV4 8DA


  • Convenient location in the South of Coventry

  • Five minutes away from the University of Warwick

  • Free parking 

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Namita Bhatia

Working with Children


  • Challenging Behaviour

  •  Improve confidence

  •  Overcome Anxiety

  •  Managing Anger

  •  Lack of Motivation

  •  Fears & Phobias

  •  Coping with Exam Stress

  •  Improve Concentration

Working with Adults

  •      Quitting Habits

  •  Overcome Anxiety

  •  Overcoming Negative Emotions

  •  Managing Anger

  •  Indecisiveness

  •  Lack of Motivation

  •  Fears & Phobias

  •  Managing Stress

  •  Procrastination

  •  Goal setting Strategies

  •  Work/ family related Stress

It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together....

This is what happened with me. I have always been passionate about helping people. I have always had a desire about doing something that makes a difference in people’s life. About 12 years ago, I went through a short period in my life when I was depressed and suffered from anxiety. It was not a nice place to be. This led me to go to the doctors and I was
put on anti-depressants, which I did not like taking. So, I decided to come off them and decided to go to a hypnotherapist for my depression. This helped me immensely and in 2007 I became a mother and was blessed with twins. I have since never looked back. However, this meant that I had to give up work and so I was a stay at home mum for about three years.

After having worked in the corporate world for almost 20 years, as a practice manager for a busy law firm, and then going back to it part-time in 2010, I decided that I wanted a change of career and made the decision to channel my energies into what gave me most pleasure in life which is helping others.
I started my therapeutic journey working with children and parents because after I became a mother, I found that parenting came with its own challenges that no one prepares any new parent for. My experiences in raising my twins, and in using NLP/CBT techniques and Hypnotherapy, to help them, inspired me to help others.
I work with children, young people and adults, especially women although I have helped some men too.
I run parenting workshops and work in schools where I help children with
anxiety/anger/confidence/phobia issues, as well as other behaviour problems such as emotional, habitual and behavioural challenges.
I believe that everyone has the resources they need within themselves to achieve the desired change and I pride myself in being that person who has been successful in helping children, young people and adults believe in themselves to bring about that positive change in their life.
I am friendly, caring and am enthusiastic about my work. I continually update my education and skills so that I can help my clients in the best way possible.
I am :

  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Coach 

  • Certified Master Practitioner in Time line Therapy

  • Certified Practitioner in Hypnosis

I completed my Trainers Training with John Grinder, the Co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am also a Licensed NLP4Kids Practitioner. I use Mindfulness techniques with my clients and believe that being Mindful is a great skill that anyone can learn.
I also have:

  • Enhanced DBS Certificate

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

I am based in Ruislip and South Harrow, North West London.

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