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We are a group of professionals working together providing quality change and self development programmes both locally wherever we live to individuals, and to various sized companies Nationwide.

We all trained together and so decided to also work together to be able to have a wider reach to people – with the intent on making the world a happier and better place. We are all trained as Hypnotherapists, NLP,  and Mindfulness Practitioners. We are also all trained as NLP4Kids Practitioners (Franchise) where we work specifically with children, parents and teachers, removing barriers to learning and development.  Priti Parekh, the founder of Mind Align UK, (based in Coventry) has also trained as an IEMT Practitioner in addition to the above which is a powerful change work tool for PTSD,  Anxiety and Depression (see below for more details).

We are passionate about what we do both individually and together as a group, working with the same mindset to improve the lives of others struggling with many different challenges. 

The Hypno Health Program works using Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and NLP Coaching techniques. This is a proven methodology and has been tried and tested many times over. This is my unique version of this program as it combines the above strategies together to provide a powerful and long lasting solution for weight loss. As I am based in Coventry, this program is available to all the local and surrounding areas in the Midlands.

We all know that fad diets do not work. Yet, so many people find dieting and weight loss programmes so inviting due to the fact they promise quick results! But that is all that happens and, approximately 85% of the people who lose weight this way put it all back on (and usually more) within the next five years.



Weight Loss & Weight Management

Shifting excess weight can be extremely difficult for many people.With the Hypno Health six week programme of Hypnosis and NLP Coaching specially designed for weight loss, you could be well on your way to…

Anxiety & Depression

Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a wide variety of symptoms. They range from lasting feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness, to losing interest in the things you used to enjoy and…

Low Confidence & Self Esteem

Do you feel like everyone is better and brighter at everything than you? Do you feel like you would like to achieve so much more but don't seem to have the strength or inner…

PTSD / Fears & Phobias

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms can vary for people, but can include any of the following:   Increased anxiety and emotional arousal Hypervigilance (On constant ‘red alert’) Intense physical reactions to reminders…


Children’s and Teens Therapy

Children and young people are sadly under more stress than ever these days. Anxiety can occur from bullying – both online and face to face, study stress, peer pressure, online activities such as social media, parental separation and divorce, bereavement, school transition etc. Choosing a therapy or therapist can become quite daunting knowing that you need help and it may be hard to decide what is best for your child. Or it may be that your child refuses to see anyone.

I have been trained as a specialist children’s therapist for hypnotherapy and NLP and can help your child overcome challenges such as anxiety, low mood or confidence and also many other issues your child may be facing.

I love my work with children and young people and have a real passion to help them and therefore connect pretty well with them. When there is connection and trust, there is always progress!

You don’t have to take my word for it though, having a FREE CONSULTATION will allow you the chance to make an informed decision.

So, send me an email or give me a call, then decide after your consultation how you feel.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Whether it's Mental Health Awareness Training alone, or a whole package of Awareness and Coaching with Hypnosis you can rely on us to provide you with some high quality workshops.

I went to Priti due to my social fear which was due to trauma. I couldn't work or live with this boundary so I decided to get some help. I am so glad that I got in contact with her and as soon as I went to the first session I felt so much better. As I did more sessions with her I began to feel more confident and in control of my life then before. These sessions caused my family to see a positive change in me and my apearance. I began to feel more awake and alert and wanting to get on with life. The sessions are very professional and she provided more then expected. I would highly recommend Priti to anyone who is suffering with any mental issue as she is understanding and dedicated to help others.
- Amina
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